Real Life Magic by Ashley Johnson

Music has served a lot of purposes for people all around the world. It helps get a point across, or shares a story, or praises the Lord, or tell you to put your hands up. People call it a passion. Some individuals make a living from it. I’m positive music has benefited everyone in one form or another.

Music is a way people can express themselves. That can range from how people are dealing with their emotions after a certain event or addressing the political climate. We have had lots of songs that are written with the intention of making people feel someway about a certain subject. For example, War by Edwin Starr was written in protest to the Vietnam war and it topped the charts in the United States. Another example is We Are the World, which was a charity single recorded by the United Support of Artists for Africa in 1985. This song featured artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, and 32 other artists. One of the more modern songs written about a world issue is Earth by Lil Dicky. Like We Are the World, this song features many well-known artists. It was written to promote climate change.

Music can be an escape. It is there when no one else knows how you’re feeling. It is there when you want to cheer up. It is there when you’re stuck in traffic. We listen to artists that we like the sound of, or lyrics we relate to. If you are in the pop music category, the pressure is real to release top hit after top hit. But most of these artists just want to share their creations with the world and have people enjoy it!


Movies are Life by Ashley Johnson

We underestimate the power movies have on us. We may see something and think nothing of it at the time, but then we find ourselves thinking of the plot, or some of the characters, afterward. Think of films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and movies in the MCU. They leave a lasting impression on people; some even base their lives on them. The cinematography and technology have improved with the times.

Representation does matter in films. For so long, movies have been based on the majority of the American population, white males. But there are all kinds of people in America. It only makes sense to include diverse people. But we are only introducing this now. We have had some films and TV shows about gay people, but Love, Simon was the first modern gay romance movie. Black Panther was the first MCU film to include a more diverse cast. The film industry is changing with the times.

There are lots of different genres of films out in the world. If a filmmaker is responsible for making a film accurate, it just depends on what kind of film they’re making. Directors are responsible for making movies watchable, meaning that they make it so people will want to see it. Whether that is changing some things or leaving certain facts out, it is their job to decide what information stays in the movie or is not relevant enough. Here’s an article talking about Freddie Mercury in real life and in the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

Let’s Make a Lawsuit – Ashley Johnson

Verizon claims that the net neutrality rules violate their First Amendment rights. As a lawyer, I believe this to be false. I would like to first note that I disagree with the FCC in that big corporations, like Verizon or AT&T, or anywhere else, practically share the same rights as in individual in America. Therefore, Verizon should be treated as a business and nothing else.

Verizon is an internet service provider, or ISP. They provide customers access to the Internet and also cover other areas, like phone coverage. But that is all Verizon is. They are only there to provide people with access. The argument that Verizon is pushing with net neutrality is simply another way to make money.  

And even if this was a violation of Verizon’s First Amendment rights, the question is, what would they do if they won this case? What websites would Verizon promote the most, or give the fastest access to? Are they websites they favor, or are they websites that pay them the most?

Net neutrality is such a gray area for opinions. There are a lot of different perspectives on this topic. My only question is, why are we trying to make the Internet capitalistic? It is supposed to be a place where we can gain information and form connections with all kinds of people. It is not a business, not exactly. Do we not have enough capitalistic things in our society already?

(Here’s a video that explains more about free speech and the Internet)

Gender Injustice in the Media – Ashley Johnson

There are six major modern media conglomerates. There is National Amusements, News Corps, Disney, Time Warner, Comcast and Sony. These are the guys that control our media. Literally, all the CEOs of these companies are men. They decide what the public gets to see, and what we don’t get to see. Check out this infographic to see more on what these media monopolies own and how much money they make.

Media products are a lot different from the products we see on the shelves, but they are advertised in the same way. Advertising and marketing and the media are driven by unattainable beauty standards for women (and men!) in everything we see. And it’s not only beauty. Women are criticized for wanting to exercise their basic rights! Like in Miss Representation, we saw the difference between men and women when it came to broadcast journalism. Women were “complaining” while men were “stating”. Women seem to be “bitchy and emotional” while men are portrayed as “calm and collected”.

It’s unfair for future generations to have to see this. My wish is to see my daughter or son grow up in a fair and just world. But if they were born tomorrow, they would be seeing a world full of hate and political agendas. Was there ever a time where humans could just be, well, human?

Underage athlete hoppin’ around at Hoppin’ Hannah’s – Ashley Johnson


Contact Information:
Boise State University
Ashley Johnson (PR Agent)
(208) 426-1000

Release Date:
June 12, 2019

Underage athlete found drinking at Boise bar

An underage football player for the Boise State Broncos was arrested at Hoppin’ Hannah’s late last night (June 11).

BOISE – Boise State football player Riley Smith was arrested late last night at the bar Hoppin’ Hannah’s for underage drinking. The athlete was there with some other teammates after a long day of summer training. The tip was called in from a fan who was also at the bar who recognized the players.

Boise State University’s statement refers to the Community Standards page for students who live on campus, stating “possession or consumption of alcohol in a public space is strictly prohibited”. Please refer to the Standards page for more information about our drinking policies. While Smith was not on campus at the scene of the crime, BSU still wants to enforce the dry campus policy to its students on and off campus. The athlete has not made a statement. The consequences he will face with the football team have not be released at this time.

The university takes this situation seriously. As an institution, we enforce our own rules for our own events. If there’s an outside event, they have their own standards and policies. That’s why you can drink alcohol at a concert in Taco Bell Arena, but not at a Boise State basketball game. We wish that you take your alcohol consumption seriously and try not to risk your life or the lives of other Bronco fans around you.

Ein wunderschöner Urlaub by Ashley Johnson

Germany. Deutschland. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s rolling hills and beautiful cities are filled of history of monarchy, dictatorship, and destruction. But Germany is never the first thing I hear when I talk to people about traveling to Europe. It always starts with England or France.People are pretty reluctant to travel to Germany based off of views as old as the second World War. They’re afraid that the Germans are mean people, and that their language is too harsh sounding. But as you can tell from the images in this ad, Germany is quite the opposite of that. From the beautiful to sites, to the amazing food and beer, this place is a country worth traveling to.

I didn’t use any harsh persuasive techniques, as the images speak for themselves. I’m not trying to reach any certain demographic, but by choice of these aesthetic images, I hope it inspires a younger audience to see the country for themselves. My advertisement does not promote a need for this. Travel is voluntary. Where you go is your decision. I’m just trying to promote this place. If you are planning your next travel destination, I highly recommend giving Germany a chance. You won’t be disappointed! Here’s a link to their tourism website that can answer any of your Deutsch related questions.

Social Sensitivity by Ashley Johnson

Social media shaming: something we are all aware about and maybe have experienced before. It has never been fun to post something you are proud of and see someone not like it. But since social media came out, people have been hiding behind their usernames. You can get into a Twitter fight and never even have spoken to the person you’re arguing with. We seem to forget that there actually humans behind all of these profiles, and biographies, and pictures posted. They’re people, just like us. So why do we feel as if we have a valid reason to comment on their lives when it is none of our business. Just like in the Ted Talk with Jon Ronson: yes, that PR woman made a bad joke, and that kind of humor doesn’t translate very well over text. But what gave everyone else a reason to throw her life away, and even going as far as hoping she got raped? What has social media turned us into?

That’s why I like what Instagram is doing by pushing away the hurtful comments. They’re shutting down the voices that do not need to be heard by other people. And I don’t think that it is repressing on any kind of free speech. We were always taught “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.” And social media is not different. But there may be some ethics problems when it comes to that. If someone is going to be sensitive when it comes to hurtful comments, then you can just turn off commenting on Instagram, and you won’t see anything at all. If you do see a comment that you don’t like, then you can report it as inappropriate or spam to Instagram and they can take care of the rest.

Here are some tips that would create a more ethical and safe social media platform:
1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all

2. If you don’t want to see hurtful messages on your posts, disable the comments.

3. Think before you post or comment