You’re Fake News by Ashley Johnson

If you talked about gatekeeping 15 years ago versus today, they would be two completely different things. Back then, news and press releases were sent to journalists. Those individuals would decide what was interesting enough or not to make it into the paper or onto television that night. Nowadays, journalists have no control whatsoever on what information gets out into the public. Anyone can post information or share information with one another by sharing.

I definitely have a role in what gatekeeping goes on in my side of the internet. Google, Instagram, and Facebook all algorithms to make my feed personalized into what they think I would be most interested in seeing. I also share what I think is most interesting to me, and that pops up on other peoples feeds as well. Sometimes it’s tough to see credible information since there are so many web publishers trying to say the same thing, that sometimes you don’t even know where they got the information from in the first place. It’s important to be out on the lookout for fake news, by looking at what kind of website is publishing the article; seeing if they’re a credible source or not, and make sure that the author is also credible. People these days are so easy in the sense that they will believe anything they read, without checking for facts first. Fake news can be spread so quickly, so next time you want to rant on Facebook about politics, make sure that your ducks are in a row and that your information is correct!


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