Who are the gatekeepers? by Trinity Lombardi

In today’s society, social media effects a lot of things around us, without anyone even realizing it. The way we talk and dress, the places we choose to eat, and the shows we decide to watch, along with so many other things, are all influenced by others and how they are portrayed on social media platforms. This has been the case since before social media though, with magazines and newspapers, but now that anyone can post about anything, we see so many varying views. Gatekeeping is not very relevant when it comes to social media because most people have access to post whatever they please. The only real forms of gatekeeping in these instances would be reporting a post you do not agree with, to have it removed, but even then, it was still most likely viewed by one or even multiple people. Personally, I believe the people that I choose to follow and associate myself with on social media are the ones who affect my media consumption the most. I see ways to style outfits, new things to cook, new places to eat, and new things to do. I understand that we are all gatekeepers in our own ways, but it is up to the consumer, or reader, to depict what is real and what is fake news.


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