The New Age of Gatekeepers

Remington Brown

In today’s world there are hundreds of millions of new posts, tweets, blogs, and articles every day but who is supposed to watch it. Gatekeepers were the guardians that would allow or not allow certain messages to reach everyday people but that was in the good old days. Now there is too much content spreading out every single second that it is impossible for the traditional gatekeepers to do anything about it. On social media, it is up to us now. We must be the ones to decide what is good or what is bad, what is truth or what is fake, or what is appropriate or what is inappropriate. Look at Twitter for instance, I have a lot of friends who tweet out stupid stuff all the time and the only people who is willing to do something about it is either him/her, their friends, or someone who is extremely outraged and reports it and has it taken down. The problem with this is that it has already been posted, people have already seen it and the damage has been done. We are all gatekeepers and we all get to choose what we want or don’t want to see. 


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