Gatekeeping in the Digital Age

By Sidnee Short

Because of the rise of the digital age and social media, gatekeeping has completely changed. Gatekeeping is the process of determining what information is released, and how it is released. But, with social media, anything and everything is released as the users pleases. I don’t think that gatekeeping is a thing of the past because of this, I just think that there may be some new keepers of the gate. In society today, we are our own gatekeepers, and it’s no longer the journalists or reporters. When you go on a site like twitter, there are thousands and millions of information that is being sent out every second, and we get to decide what information we want to see and how credible we think it is. Because we can do this, we are the ones that influence our social reality. Before social media, you would only be able read and hear about what credible sources like the Times were deciding to release. Now, depending on what your interests are, that’s the news that you decide to and end up seeing. Let’s say you love watching makeup videos, chances are you know all about the James Charles scandal that’s happening right now, because that to you, is newsworthy and worthy of passing the gate. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t even know who James Charles is, is probably not getting information about him on their timeline. With the digital era, we are allowed to be our own gatekeepers and that has its pros and cons. We get to decide what media we would like to consume, but that also leaves out opportunities for us to be enlightened on other issues going on in the world. Obviously, if you really wanted to know something credible and relevant, you could just Google it and find out more, but it’s not on our front porch in front of our face every morning like it used to be.


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