Gatekeeping, evolved.

By: Natalie Pacheco

Gatekeeping has been around for a long time, since the start of the free press. As we have transitioned into the digital era, gatekeeping has evolved into a more complex way that we see, hear and view media. With new algorithms that decide what media we see on social media, to all of the outlets that decide what we see, it is constantly evolving with technology and how fast we consume media.

Gatekeepers that affect my media are CNN, the digital versions of LA & NY Times, and various article sites on social media for websites, issues, and other various topics that I follow. I would say the news sources that I use for political and societal information do influence my reality, and it was weird going a period of time without knowing what was going on. With the way technology has helped us consume media faster, being off your phone or computer for an extended period of time can really change what you know. For example, I knew within minutes of the rest of the world knowing/firefighters arriving that Notre Dame was on fire and collapsing, and still getting live coverage.

The role I play as a gatekeeper would be mainly from my social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I choose what information I share with my followers, and I also choose who I follow and what media I myself consume, so in a way it could be reverse gatekeeping. By choosing the information I post and consume, I am setting the pace for my own gatekeeping.


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