The Last Post

Remington Brown

I have learned a lot more than I thought I was going to throughout this seven-week course. I loved learning about the film and music industry, and I was a little bit surprised on how much the conglomerates owned. I really liked learning about how powerful, big and scary the conglomerates can be. I also liked learning about advertisements and how to spot native advertising. I don’t use social media that often, but I liked learning about it in this class and how impactful it is in our society. It was really cool learning about the algorithms with social media as well. The biggest thing that I took away from this class is to just stay informed. Before this class I didn’t pay too much attention to the news but throughout this class I learned that I need to stay on top of it. I think part of the reason why I didn’t pay much attention to the news is because I had a hard time figuring out which was “fake news” and which was real news. Now after taking this class and learning about “fake news” and native advertisements, it is a lot easier separating what is good and what is bad news. Besides being more aware of the news I do not think my media consumption will change that much just because I don’t use social media that much. I don’t think I will be going on a media diet soon. I am going to do the opposite by learning about things that I wanted to learn more in this class which is the future of media.


Media 201

By Sidnee Short

When looking back on all that I learned from this class, I can’t say that there’s anything that didn’t grab my full attention and really interest me. I really enjoyed learning about the representation of females in the media, and I loved watching Miss Representation, and I don’t think I’ll forget anything that I watched in that video. The main point that I’ll be taking away from this class is that media is everywhere, and it has shaped our society entirely around it. I believe that now, after taking this class, my media consumption might stay the same, but I’ll definitely be more aware of what I’m taking in. I really enjoy the media that I surround myself with every day, but before I took this class, I really didn’t understand how it affects me, and now I’ll be able to determine what I should consume. I have so many questions after taking this course. For instance, what will the media landscape look like 5 years from now? Should advertisers start rethinking their techniques? Are our behavior norms going to change any time soon? I could go on and on about the impact that this class had on my perception of the media, but I’m assuming that most of you had quite a similar experience as me and don’t really need to know every single detail of my discoveries while taking this class. 

Do Filter Bubbles pop?

Written by: Kelsey Morgan

Topic: Filter Bubbles

I think the customizations tell you what you want and do not want to see in your online experience. It also will limit what you do and do not see on the internet. This is a really great way to keep people from having bad experiences on the internet, and increase internet use. It definitely seems like the internet could be a better place for certain people who want censored content, or for those trying to censor what their kids see. While filter bubbles can be a good thing, they can also be a hard thing to embrace and get around.

Filter bubbles filter out all of the information that the internet thinks you do not want to see, so you may end up missing information when you need it. I think that filter bubbles are different from online social separation, because they are specific to what you do not want to see. You can break filter bubbles by changing customizations, and the customized ads that we see on the internet (there is usually a see less often tab).

There is also a lot that companies could do such as give us more than what they put out there and find a happy medium, and ad companies could stop targeting at such a wide range. This all could contribute to filter bubbles going away, but it is not as simple as it sounds. It would be a very big group effort to get everyone in on it to finally burst the bubble.

Final Thoughts by Trinity Lombardi

This class has been very beneficial to me in ways I never would have thought going into it. I had no idea how much media effects our lives, but now that it has been asked of me to explore it, I see the ways media has affected my everyday life. Walking away from this class, I will definitely be more aware of things like advertisement placing, and subliminal messages portrayed in TV shows, movies, etc. I now also know what news outlets are reliable, and which are not, and how to navigate the Internet to acquire the most credible information. 

With this class in mind, I will definitely be more aware of how much time I spend on the Internet and how it positively or negatively affects my mindset in life. I have gained so much knowledge on how different companies and corporations fit into what we see throughout the media, and I will definitely be more mindful of that moving forward. Overall, I have learned a lot and I am glad I decided to take this as an elective. I believe it gives me somewhat of an upper hand going out into the real world, and will be very useful throughout the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me the tools needed to be an informed self-governing citizen throughout the Internet.

Inspired to Inform

By: Kerry Loughran

This class has really showed me the importance of staying well-informed, not just informed. To actively look for all sides of a story and to actively look for both new and old stories. We have a responsibility to our nation to stay informed to the best of our ability and to also inform those who may not be aware of the importance in staying informed. In addition to all that, it’s important to just be aware of everything: news, stories, advertisements, filter bubbles, bias (personal and otherwise), our surroundings, and how our actions (or lack thereof) affect things outside of our personal world.

I don’t think my consumption or production will change drastically. However, I definitely think I will put more effort into staying informed of all sides and biases. After learning about gatekeeping, I also think I’ll make a more conscious effort to share educated thoughts and opinions. I’m not super active in posting and sharing on my medias, but I do browse a lot and will be more conscious of the things that come up in my feed.

I have become much more interested in social and political issues and have enjoyed “translating” them for my family and friends. A lot of these issues don’t seem interesting and/or can take a lot to hold someone’s attention, but if they are explained in a different way (like John Oliver explaining net neutrality for example) people are much more inclined to pay attention and, thus, understand things happening to and around them. I’ve already found myself doing this whenever people ask how the class is going. As time has passed, I’ve noticed I do it more and more. I find it self-rewarding helping others to understand what is going on and how it pertains to them. After all, sharing is caring; so sharing the knowledge I have is done with caring intentions and hopes to educate those around me.

I really enjoyed this course and greatly appreciate everything I’ve learned and all the interactions I’ve had. ( : Thank you all for making this course interesting and enjoyable. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Finals Thoughts on Intro to Media

I have taken quite a bit away from this class. I learned so much about the music industry, the film industry, and even filming on the war. This class has been beneficial to me in so many ways. I can now seek out the different kinds of ads, and know what I am looking at. I know which ones to look at and which ones to avoid. Moving forward from here, I have a smarter look on what I am deciding to take in and what I am choosing to avoid.

This class has been great for teaching me to be smarter in the news I watch, and choose to believe, as well as what platforms of social media I use to get my news from as well. I very much enjoyed looking into everything we learned in this class, because it did not feel like a chore to me. I had so much fun “investigating” the media.

Moving forward from here, I am going to look deeper Into the copyright issue that revolves around Youtube, as well as the decline in print that comes along with the uproar of social media as it begins to grow from a platform to share your life on, to one giant circle of news sources. This is an interesting time for us as college students, as we are right in the middle of all of this. I especially am guilty of using social media for my news outlets, simply because I do not want to pay for cable so that I can watch the major news outlets.

End of the Beginning by Ashley Johnson

This course was a good introduction to all thing’s media. We got to cover topics like TV, music, radio, films, economics, and so much more. Not only did we get to complete some pretty interesting assignments, but we also got to express ourselves and our opinion in these blog posts. I think these articles got to demonstrate our learning abilities better than any test.

My media consumption has definitely changed since we did that social media fasting all those weeks ago. There is so much to see outside my phone screen. Although, I do love staying connect to people, and I post frequently to let my loved ones what I am doing, I try to limit it to the more important times of my life rather than the small ones.

I think my favorite topic to learn about was music. As someone who wants to go into the music business, I thought all of it was pretty interesting. Especially the copyright laws. That module was a nice start to what I’m going to have to learn to be successful in the cutthroat music industry.

I’m interested to see what kind of effects media have on us long term. Statistically, will our happiness level go down? Are we going to see an increase in ADHD? Are more people going to need glasses due to eye strain? As technology advances, what kind of changes are we going to have to make in our everyday lives? Only time will tell. Thank you for all the positive feedback, fellow students and Dr. Ashley!